Our service for language schools

We apply your accreditation for you!

In order for a client to be able to spend his Bildungsurlaub at your school, you must be recognized as a Bildungsurlaub centre by a German state authority. Getting this recognition often means a great obstacle for foreign schools: a lot of documentation is required, and dealings with the German authorities can be very tedious since all correspondence has to be done in German.

Because of this, we are here to help you and ensure a smooth and easy application for your Bildungsurlaub recognition so that you receive your accreditation promptly while saving you a great deal of time and worries!

This is what we do for you:

  • WE apply for Bildungsurlaub in as many federal states as you wish.
  • WE help you prepare all the required documents and send them to the respective authorities.
  • WE translate your documents from English, Spanish or French to German if necessary.
  • WE correspond with the authorities.
  • WE mail all certificates of recognition directly to you after receiving them.
  • WE maintain and reapply for all recognitions.

You can choose whether you want to apply for all states or if you need just one recognition. Get in contact with us and let us help you with getting your accreditation in the easiest way!